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Homemade Sandwich Bread | Basic White Bread

How many mornings have you had just a slice of toast with a cup of tea/ coffee…or juice and left for work or an early class?! Many, right?  Almost everyone loves their toast..some with butter…some with honey…or plain…me? I like it with my Read More

Almond Shortbread Cookies

If you love Almonds, then these cookies will make you swoon! They are crunchy & yet very moist. The nuttiness from the toasted Almonds compliments the butteriness just right. 😍 

At first, when I baked these, I was positive that my hubby may not ... Read More

Cheesy Corn & Paneer Toasties

It’s so hot…I literally want to run out of the kitchen each time I step in it🙄…and trust me, I do that. Who’s to stop me😝😝😝😝😜😛 

The only thing I want to spend time doing in the kitchen is making glasses after glasses of Read More

Eggless Custard Powder Cake

This is one of the softest eggless cakes that I’ve made in a really long time. It tastes like custard and is very light! Absolutely melt in the mouth kind of a tea cake. 

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Baked Donuts | Baked Doughnuts

Who can resist these yummy doughnuts a.k.a donuts??! They are soft, spongy and just the right kind of sweet! They are BAKED not FRIED! ☺️😉

Baked doug ... <a class=Read More

Cheesy Baked Pasta

Come Summers and I hate spending hours in the kitchen! I look forward to making quick meals and getting done as soon as possible😜

My Lemon Rice is one such….even Read More

Eggless Choco Chip Muffins

On the go breakfasts are really not our style. My hubby and I, both like elaborate breakfasts even during the week. But then there are days when you wish to do nothing except bite into something yummy and start your day without having to actually cook anything! 

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Herbed Focacia

An awesome aroma fills my home…yes, I am baking a bread! Nothing beats the flavours of a simple home baked bread. ☺️ 

Herbed  ... <a class=Read More

Marble Pound Cake | Perfect Marble Pound Cake

Marble Pound Cake | Perfect Marble Pound Cake is a moist yet light and soft tea time cake. Pair it with some tea/ coffee and enjoy the perfect medley of chocolate and vanilla! One of the most loved combinations ever! 

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Eggless Red Velvet Cupcakes

Red Velvet Cupcakes anyone!? I am guessing everyone would love some😉 They are eggless too! Perfectly spongy, soft and super moist. 

They are pretty easy to whip up & can be perfect for Valentine’s too❤️…

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