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Khasti Mathri/ How to make Khasti Mathri

Khasti Mathri/ How to make Khasti Mathri is flaky, crispy and mildly flavored savory snack that is particularly made in the Northern states of India. Other states have different versions of this delight but I’m partial towards this version. Mathri is usually made during Diwali festivi ... Read More

Masala Sev Recipe/ Kara Sev Recipe

Sweets go well with savoury snacks! Hence, I have made some spicy and flavourful Masala Sev for Diwali🎊🎊 you can even make some ChaklisRead More

Chakli/ Murukku/ Rava Chalki

Diwali means unlimited munching to me! 😬😜 yes…ever since I was a kid…my mom would make yummy sweets and savouries…and we would go on munching and making merry:):)… And I too make a lot of stuff for Diwali each year…as my hubby also loves homema ... Read More

Instant Doodh Peda

Instant Doodh Peda is one of my go to recipes when I want a homemade treat for a pooja or just as some Indian dessert. It’s quick, delicious and can be made with just 5 easy ingredients from your pantry! 

Instant ... Read More

Dahi Wadas on a Skewer!

I have to have Dahi Wadas for Holi! Not having them is simply not an option 😀 My mom makes the yummiest Dahi Wadas ever!!! And I simply follow her recipe to the ‘T’ 😘

But deep fried Wadas can become a bit too heavy for us…specially when My hubby is p ... Read More

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