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Mushroom Butter Masala

Mushroom Butter Masala is one of the yummiest preparations of mushrooms for me! Smooth and lusciously creamy gravy with soft mushrooms goes so well with Parathas or Read More

Tandoori Aloo Ka Paratha

North Indians love their Aloo ka Paratha! I am no different either…I can actually have it everyday…in all three meals😛😛 yes! I love it that much…😘 

Tandoori food also happens to be a hot favorite between my hubby and I. Smoky, crisp & full of ... Read More

Baked Donuts | Baked Doughnuts

Who can resist these yummy doughnuts a.k.a donuts??! They are soft, spongy and just the right kind of sweet! They are BAKED not FRIED! ☺️😉

Baked doug ... <a class=Read More

Cheesy Baked Pasta

Come Summers and I hate spending hours in the kitchen! I look forward to making quick meals and getting done as soon as possible😜

My Lemon Rice is one such….even Read More

Lemon Rice

Some things are so simple and yet never cease to amaze you!! Lemon Rice happens to be just that for me! It’s so full of flavour, refreshing in every bite…I can’t seem to get enough of this! 

Leftover rice means Lemon Rice!! I make it at least once every week if ... Read More

How to make Laccha Paratha

Being a North Indian myself and married to another, making Parathas is second to my nature! Be it for breakfast or a for meal for travelling….and as an accompaniment to most of the mains…a Paratha is quite important 😉😉 We have to have it….with a some ghee obviously! < ... Read More

Restaurant Style Shahi Paneer | Shahi Paneer Recipe

Restaurant Style Shahi Paneer | Shahi Paneer Recipe is a delicious, rich and creamy gravy with cubed cottage cheese and mild spices. The texture of this gravy is made with cashews, butter and cream! It is a rather indulgent recipe from the Mughlai Cuisine. 

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Pooranpoli/ Puranpoli

I have been wanting to do Pooranpoli for the longest time for the blog…but I wanted to get the exact recipe from my Mom! Yes….she makes the best Pooranpolis..😘

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Veg Fried Rice | How to make Veg Fried Rice | GF & Vegan

Veg Fried Rice | How to make Veg Fried Rice | GF & Vegan is a delicious one pot meal that goes well with any Asian curry or noodles. It has a spicy undernote although nothing overpowering, very subtle flavors yet so, so hard to resist! 

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Herbed Focacia

An awesome aroma fills my home…yes, I am baking a bread! Nothing beats the flavours of a simple home baked bread. ☺️ 

Herbed  ... <a class=Read More

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