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Kesar Mawa Modak | Gluten free Saffron Fudge

Kesar Mawa Modak | Gluten free Saffron Fudge is rich, creamy and delicious Indian sweet that has a great texture. It is absolutely melt in the mouth good and very addictive ;P 

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Bharli Vangi | Maharashtrian Style Stuffed Brinjal

Bharli Vangi | Maharashtrian Style Stuffed Brinjals are very popular in Maharashtra. They are a traditional preparation and have a very delicious, spicy flavor 🙂 Small, soft brinjals are stuffed with a coconut based stuffing and then cooked in the semi dry gravy.

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Kolhapuri Misal Pav | How to make Misal Pav

Kolhapuri Misal Pav | How to make Misal Pav is one of my favorite snacks or quick fix meals. It is super spicy, has a ton of texture and every bite is full of flavor. I am sharing an easy recipe to make this at home using sprouted legumes. 

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How to make Chutney for Chaat and Sev Puri

How to make Chutney for Chaat and Sev Puri

Learn How to make Chutney for Chaat and Sev Puri at home with everyday ingredients and enjoy a variety of lip-smacking street food at home! These chutneys are mouthwatering and are a must for making any chaat 🙂

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Kothmir Wadi | Kothambir Wadi – Maharashtrian Delicacy

I am a proper Mumbai (Bombay) girl…born, raised, educated, worked and then married in Mumbai….when I say home, I always mean Mumbai❤….and saying that obviously means I love…just lurrvvvveeee my Mumbaiya (meaning typical) street food and snacks! The hubby and I visit eve ... Read More

Shakarpara | Khurma

I can’t imagine a Diwali without any Khurma (as we call it up North) or Shakarpara (little chunks of pastry dough flash fried and turned crisp, then cooled and dunked into a thick sugar syrup…to make these melt in the mouth sweet bites!)….I am sure your are salivating as yo ... Read More

Instant Kesar Peda

Yes, everyone knows I love Pedas 😉 I like them all…well almost! What’s not to like, they are sweet, slightly fudgy and so delicious! Much like these golden beauties…my Instant Kesar Pedas (saffron fudge). A 15 min wonder..more like. 

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Navratri Recipes 1

Happy Navratri everyone! May Maa Durga bless each of you and your loved ones. Many of us are fasting for the next 9 days and I bring to you a collection of easy and delicious recipes to enjoy! 

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Pooranpoli/ Puranpoli

I have been wanting to do Pooranpoli for the longest time for the blog…but I wanted to get the exact recipe from my Mom! Yes….she makes the best Pooranpolis..😘

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Vada Pav

A typical Mumbaiiya staple….if you’ve ever been in Mumbai or lived here for as long as I have…Vada Pav will be your go-to meal on the move! It’s famous as an Indian Burger…but I don’t like calling it that…for me, it’s Aamchi Mumbai’s Vada ... Read More

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