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Garlic Cheese Smashed Potatoes | GF meals in 30 minutes

You guys know I love potatoes….I do! I may not share too many recipes with potatoes in them, but the Lord above knows my love for these spuds….and my love for them is shared by my hubby!! Talk about marriages being made in heaven…..for us, it’s more like a spud-farm 🤣🤣🤣😂

Breakfast to dinner, I can live on them. Start your day with some scrumptious Aloo ke Parathe (potato stuffed Indian flatbreads). These are are absolutely awesome and very mildly spiced to start your day with these parathe and you will full almost up to lunch time…I serve them with some home made yogurt, some mango pickle and a lot of butter on top of these….the butter melts all over these piping hot beauties 😍…Mmmmm!


Not looking for something so heavy early in the morning….then you can try my super-yum….brilliant beyond brilliant Baked Potato Wedges 😉 We, the spud-lovers are particularly partial to it and can never share it…hence we make ourselves two whole trays of them, beauties……one for him and one for yours truly 😜

Next, if your looking something Indian…curry style for a proper supper, just go with the Aloo Dum, pair it with some Pooris (fried flatbreads) or Laccha Paratha or even some rice, a quick home style salad (sliced red onions + chopped tomatoes + chopped cucumber + salt + a bit of lime juice) on the side and just step into the food coma …..it’s that good 😍  For something a bit less spicy…look out for my Rassedaar Aloo (potatoes and tomatoes simmered in a thin gravy with little spices),  just a few easy ingredients and it’s ready in under 30 minutes?

Garlic cheese smashed potatoes Gluten free meals in 30 mins Polkapuffs recipe Polkapuffs Shreya Tiwari recipe Shreya Tiwari Photography Vegetarian appetisers

You must also try my Aloo Ki Kachori if you love a good North Indian fare 😉 It’s easy to put together and works well for brunches!

Anyways…..that’s a whole lotta potatoes recipes for you guys…not to mention that I’ve not even included a few  here…they are all there in the blog archives ➡️➡️ …go, look them up!

So…about these crisp, gorgeous looking smashed potatoes…well, I have been meaning to share this recipe for a while…I have many other variations for these, but the one which I’ve here today, is like the best way to have potatoes 😍😍 they are just everything one looks for in a side dish … a bit of spice from the chilli flakes (or, you could use smoked paprika), that comforting warmth from the garlic, a bit smokiness as I’ve used smoked sea salt (you could always use regular salt or even plain sea salt)…..spicy becaaaaaause…I’ve added my favourite spice mix in the whole wide world….yeah! Peri Peri spice powder and that last bit off oozing good in the form of Mexican blend cheese  😋 Yes please!!!

Let’s see how can we get you to make these babies….

Yield: serves 2

Equipment: baking tray, measuring cups/ spoons, pressure cooker, cooling rack.


300 gms baby potatoes

sea salt to taste

1 tsp peri peri spice mix (store bought)

1/2 tsp chilli flakes

1 tsp garlic powder (use fresh minced garlic if you don’t have garlic powder)

3 tbsp oil

1/4 cup Mexican cheese mix (store bought, easily available in any supermarket or hyper stores)

some fresh green coriander to garnish


Take 2 cups of water in a pressure cooker, add a pinch of regular salt to it along with washed baby potatoes. Cook them for about 10 minutes or one whistle is good enough. We need to soften them but not turn them into a watery mush!

Once cooked, drain the water and let the potatoes cool down a bit. Then, grease the baking tray with about a tbsp of oil. Roll the boiled potatoes in the oil on the tray. Spread out the potatoes and use a fork to smash them a bit.

Pre-heat the oven @200’c.

Garlic cheese smashed potatoes  Gluten free meals in 30 mins Polkapuffs recipe  Polkapuffs  Shreya Tiwari recipe  Shreya Tiwari Photography  Vegetarian appetisers

Now, drizzle some more of the remaining oil over the smashed potatoes. Sprinkle sea salt, garlic powder, peri peri spice mix, chilli flakes and the cheese and some oil if you like.

Garlic cheese smashed potatoes Gluten free meals in 30 mins Polkapuffs recipe Polkapuffs Shreya Tiwari recipe Shreya Tiwari Photography Vegetarian appetisers

Bake these at 200’c for 12-15 mins or until the cheese bubbles and the top of these potatoes turns a bit crisp using both the upper and the lower heating rods/ elements.

Garnish with some chopped coriander and sprinkle some more cheese if you like 😉 Serve these piping hot with some drinks or just as it is!


They will melt in your mouth😋😋😋😋 so tempting…and so easy to put together!



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Garlic Cheese Smash Potatoes | gluten free meals in 30 mins





Peri-Peri Spiced Cheesy Potato Skins

I love everything cheesy….does that sound cheesy?! 😉 but it’s true…I could add cheese to my ‘dal roti’ too…!!.and thinking back…I might have actually done that at some point in time! Mom would know better 😆😆


And my hubby happens to be my opposite when it comes to cheese…he does like it but follows a diet and cheats rarely 😱😱 I mean really rarely! So whenever I make something loaded with cheese ..cream and butter..I end up eating most of it as he sticks to a bite or two…(no complains) …more for me! 😛😛💃


So coming to these beauties…I had been craving something cheesy for a couple of days..so I decided to make a cheesy dish….full of butter, cream and loads and loads of cheese…but was doubtful if hubby dearest would ‘cheat’ …so texted him..asking the same..and to my complete and utter surprise…he wrote ‘I am in the mood for something cheesy too! Avoid a pizza..something new maybe 😁’ I smiled to myself! I didn’t want pizza too. I already had something in my mind that I had been eyeing on Pinterest for a few weeks! But didn’t really follow any recipe…I never need one when it comes to CHEESE!!!


It took me all of 45 mins to get this on the table! Quick, delicious…every bite oozing with cheese, cream and melting butter! Not a dieters dream 😜

Lets get to the recipe.

️Yield: serves 2

Equipment: baking tray, aluminium foil sheet, a cooling rack, measuring cups / spoons, a bowl.


2 nos large potatoes (par boiled, not peeled)

1/4 cup fresh cream ( I used Amul)

1 cup grated cheese (I used packaged shredded pizza cheese)

1/2 tbs garlic granules (use fresh garlic if granules are not available)

Sea Salt to taste (use regular salt, it tastes the same)

1 tbsp mixed Italian spice pwd

1 tbs peri-peri spice mix (store bought)

1/2 tbsp red chilli flakes

2 tsp bread crumbs

2 tsp butter

oil as needed

2-3 tbsp sour cream


Pre-heat the oven @ 200’C (turn on both the upper and lower rods for this). Line a baking tray with aluminium foil and grease it with some butter /oil.

Cut the 2 par-boiled potatoes in half very carefully keeping the skin intact, you will have 4 halves. Scoop out the potatoes but keep some flesh intact close to the skin for all 4 halves. Now, keep the scooped potatoes aside, and take a bowl, add the scooped potato flesh, cream, mix Italian spice pwd, peri-peri spice pwd, red chilli flakes, garlic granules, butter & salt to taste. Give it a good mix, it should be smooth and creamy. Now fill the potato skins with this mixture. Sprinkle some bread crumbs on top of each filled potato skin. Spread generous amount of grated cheese on top of the bread crumbs. Sprinkle some sea salt, red chilli flakes & mixed Italian spice pwd for extra flavour. Drizzle some oil over each filled and dressed potato skin. Keep them on the prepared baking tray a little apart from each other. Bake them for 20 mins in the top most rack of your oven so that the filled skins get a good colour! 😊

Once baked, keep them on the cooling rack for a few mins. Plate these, add a dollop of sour cream….sprinkle some red chilli flakes & Italian spice pwd! That’s it.. Enjoy these hot and gooey..melting right onto your plates!


Since I was serving them for dinner. I paired them with some fresh green salad and a glass of chilled orange juice! A complete meal in just 45 mins!


Shreya ❤️❤️