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Instant Kesar Peda

Yes, everyone knows I love Pedas 😉 I like them all…well almost! What’s not to like, they are sweet, slightly fudgy and so delicious! Much like these golden beauties…my Instant Kesar Pedas (saffron fudge). A 15 min wonder..more like. 

My blog has many recipes for Pedas, some very quick and some slightly lengthy…but each hold their own…..they are yummy and so tempting.

Instant Kesar Peda recipe How to make kesar Peda Polkapuffs recipes Diwali sweets recipe

I made these Pedas on the first day of Navratri last weekend…I could think of my Kaju Katli…but I will make that for Diwali 😁along with some Karachi Halwa! I am salivating just thinking about the feast in store for the days to come 😍

Instant Kesar Peda recipe How to make kesar Peda Polkapuffs recipes Diwali sweets recipe

Anyways, coming to these Pedas….you may or may not have them during Navratri fasts depending on what rituals you follow…

Yield: 8-10 Pedas

Equipment: measuring cups/ spoons, a heavy bottom non-stick pan, a wired whisk, a plate.


200 gms condensed milk

1 cup milk powder

2 tsp warm milk

9-10 strands of saffron and some extra to use for the garnish

2 tsp ghee + extra to grease your palms while shaping them


Mix warm milk with the saffron strands and let it stand for 5-8 mins until the milk is coloured beautifully.


Next, add milk powder and condensed milk to the pan. Add the saffron infused milk too. Whisk it well until it’s lump free. Place the pan with the mixture on medium flame and cook while you stir it constantly. Add 2 tsp ghee and keep stirring, I cooked it for about 10 mins to achieve a dough like consistency which leaves the sides of the pans once cooked.

Take the mixture from the pan onto a greased plate. Knead the mixture like a dough for 2 mins. Let it now cool for the next 8-10 mins. Then, grease your palms with some ghee and take a small portion of the dough and shape it into a Peda. Do the same for the rest of the dough. You can use any stamps to make some pretty designs or simply decorate them with a few strands of saffron.

Cool them in the refrigerator before you serve. They stay fresh in the refrigerator for about 3-4 days.


You can also try my instant Dhoodh Peda, Mathura ke Pede, Khoya Peda, Mawa Burfi among many others this Diwali 😊



Khoya Peda

I have always loved Peda. They are soft, slightly fudge and absolutely melt in the mouth! 😋 

Ever since I was a kid, I would wait for a trip to Mahalaxmi Temple in Mumbai to lay my hands on some of the small, yellow Pedas that we would offer as ‘Prashad‘ to the Goddess. Those were the yummiest Pedas I have ever eaten!

khoya Peda Polkapuffs recipes Peda Diwali sweets

Khoya Peda or Mawa Peda is really easy to make and one of the most common homemade sweets during festivals like Diwali or Dushhera.

In the past I have shared the recipe for Khoya Burfi. Today I am sharing the recipe for this easy Peda…

Yield: 7-8 Pedas

Equipment: non-stick pan, a wooden spatula, measuring cups/ spoons.


200 gms unsweetened khoya

1 cup powdered sugar

1/2 tsp elaichi pwd

a few chironjee or pistachio flakes to garnish

some ghee to grease your palms


Grate the khoya in a bowl. Add the powdered sugar to the grated khoya. Mix the two well. Then heat a pan, add the khoya-sugar mixture to the pan. Cook it on low flame and stir continuously. The khoya and the sugar will first melt and then slowly start to thicken in about 15-20 mins.

Khoya Peda Polkapuffs recipes Peda Diwali sweets

Add the cardamom pwd and mix again. Turn off the flame. Let the mixture cool down completely. (I let the mixture in the refrigerator for about 45 mins as the climate is very hot and humid and making the Pedas would be difficult.)

Khoya Peda Polkapuffs recipes Peda Diwali sweets

Once the mixture has cooled down and solidified a bit, pinch lemon sized balls of the dough and roll them between greased palms and make smooth Pedas. You can even decorate them with some chironjee or pistachio flakes. That’s it! These keep well in the refrigerator for 2-3 days easily.

Khoya Peda Polkapuffs recipes Peda Diwali sweets

Enjoy these Pedas…you won’t be able stop at one.


Shreya ❤️

Adapted from here.

Rava Laddoo / How to make Rava Laddoo

I always make these laddoos for nearly every festival in my home…and it’s so easy and fuss-free! My absolute favourite! 😁 So this time around, I’ve made it for Diwali! 🎊🎆 

These laddoos are moist, soft and slightly chewy...given that they are made of condensed milk. Too easy to make…if I must say! There is no chance that one can go wrong…I have made these so many times…that I have actually lost count😀

How to make Rava Laddoo with condensed milk Rava Laddoo recipe  Coconut Laddoo recipe Indian festive recipes Diwali recipe for sweets Polkapuffs

This is not a family recipe, because my Mom makes them in a different way….very tedious according to me! So I have never even attempted her recipe to this day😜

This recipe requires very little prepping…let’s get started..

Yield: 12 medium laddoos

Equipment: a non-stick wok/pan, measuring cups/ spoons, a spatula.


1+1/2 cup Rava (sooji/ semolina…I used the fine variety)

1/2 cup desiccated coconut

1 cup condensed milk

2 tbsp ghee

a pinch of cardamom pwd (Elaichi pwd…optional)

garnish as per your choice…I used some strands of saffron


Heat ghee in a nonstick wok, add the Rava and roast it until it becomes slightly golden, it takes about 5-6 mins on medium flame. Then add the desiccated coconut into the roasted rava, further roast them together for 5 mins. Then add cardamom pwd (optional) & the condensed milk. Mix everything well on low flame and cook for about 5 mins, you will then see the mixture coming together like a thick dough. Turn off the flame.

How to make Rava Laddoo with condensed milk Rava Laddoo recipe  Coconut Laddoo recipe Indian festive recipes Diwali recipe for sweets Polkapuffs

Let the dough cool down for 10 mins. Grease your palms with some ghee and make laddoos with the dough. Keep the laddoos in the fridge for 15 mins. Then remove them from the fridge and re-shape them so that they are nice and round. That’s it! Done😉 they keep well for 4-5 days even without refrigeration. Enjoy!

If you wish, you can fried raisins and nuts too in the dough and make laddoos…but I like them plain! 😋

How to make Rava Laddoo with condensed milk Rava Laddoo recipe  Coconut Laddoo recipe Indian festive recipes Diwali recipe for sweets Polkapuffs

Yummy all the way!



Adapted from My Kitchen Tweets

Anjeer ki Burfi

Anjeer /Figs….I adore them in any form..fresh or dried…cooked or just as they come! ☺️ so making a Anjeer Burfi post was just a matter of time!! Sweet and slightly fudgy…they’ll leave you wanting more 👌 

And what’s more is that figs /anjeer are so healthy…I hardly added any sugar to make these beauties. Being a super-food, it’s full of vitamins, magnesium, potassium , calcium…iron to name a few of its infinite benefits 😊 diabetic friendly too…and cures issues such and indigestion, etc. (Note: pls consult your doctor before including these in your diet if you are suffering from an ailment which expects you to follow a strict diet)


I make these during Sravan /Sawan/ Navratri fasting /vrat /upwas every year. They are delicious and disappear really quickly too 😁…and they can easily make an appearance on any other day too..like Diwali or raksha-bandhan. They were ready in about 45 mins!! Perfect for when you have guests around and want to serve something traditional and easy!

This recipe is a mix of inputs from my mom and some tips from the internet.

Just 5 ingredients is all you need for these burfis..lets see how.

️Yield: 9 burfis

Equipment: a non stick pan, a spatula, a knife, a plate /tray, measuring cups/ spoons, a blender, a grater.


1/2 cup grated mawa /khoya / milk solids (if you are using frozen, then thaw it for 30 mins before you start)

1/2 cup dried anjeer /figs (approx 8-9 pieces of dried figs)

1 tbsp sugar

1 tsp ghee

1 tbsp almond slivers

1 tbsp pistachio slivers (optional ingredient for garnishing)


Take a small bowl with some hot water and soak the dried anjeer /figs in it for 10 mins. After 10 mins, they’ll be soft. Discard the water, pat dry the figs/ anjeer and use the blender to grind them coarsely. Set it aside. Grate the mawa/ khoya/ milk solids and set aside. Grease a tray /plate with some ghee and keep it ready to set the burfi.


Now, heat a nonstick pan, add the ground anjeer /figs and the sugar. Add 1 tsp of water and cook on medium flame for 3-4 mins. Next you have to add the grated khoya / mawa / milk solids, slivered almonds and ghee. Give it a good mix and keep cooking for 5-7 mins on low flame.

Once this mixture leaves the sides of the pan and makes a smooth ball on its own, turn off the flame. Put this mixture on the greased tray/ plate and flatten it out a bit. Try to shape it as a square so that you get square burfis when you cut them out. You can garnish with some pistachio slivers and press them down a bit.

Refrigerate this tray/ plate with the mixture for 20 min or so and then you can cut it into burfis and serve. 😀 that simple!


Go impress your loved ones…😇



Adapted from Tarla Dalal 

Also, you can have a look at a similar recipe on Indian Khana

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