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Summer Siesta!

I love summers …I hate summers.. Don’t really know which is true. I hate it because everything is so hot and humid. It really kills me. 😰😰 But I have more and better reasons to love the summers! 

The drinks…the ice-creams…sorbets..popsicles! The “not so traditional” twist on the desi favourites!

I have done all this and more on PolkaPuffs! this summer…I like to call the Summer Siesta! image

Strawberry Panna cotta..

The name itself sounds so exotic , seductive and not to forget romantic 😍 I love the silken texture and the smoothness! And I am rather good at making them. 😉💃

Strawberry Panna cotta !


Spiced Mango Popsicle!

I have used some exciting flavours to give these popsicles a bit of warmth that will take you by surprise between icy cool licks!! ☺️

Spiced Mango Popsicles


Iced Green Tea Limeade!

This delicious twist on the popular lemonade results in a sweet, slightly tart & refreshing drink!

I’ve spiked it with a bit of fennel seeds (saunf) and the taste is amazing!

Iced Green Tea Limeade


No Churn Orange Ice Cream ! 😀

It’s summertime! It’s ice cream time! Who doesn’t crave ice creams in summers!? I know I do…
Why not start with a no – fail recipe, which requires just under 15 mins of prepping! 😋

No Churn Orange Ice Cream!


Mint & Kiwi Sorbet!

I adore Sorbets! They are so incredibly fresh and flavourful without being too loaded with calories! For those who haven’t yet tried it so far or heard much about it, Sorbet is a frozen dessert made with mildly sweet water flavoured with puréed fruits or liqueurs…whatever one prefers.. 😊 And it’s really a boon to know that it’s super easy to make these…🍧

Mint & Kiwi Sorbet!


Tropical Iced Tea!

Summers for me, call for a cooling and refreshing drink! Something healthy and easy to do !
Today I bring to you another of my homemade, easy and delicious drink that will leave you feeling refreshed! It’s my Tropical Iced Tea!

As the name suggests, it obviously has a strong flavour of tea…but what brings a twist to these beauties are the sunny tropical notes it’s sweet and tangy! Chilled and loaded with ice cubes! What more could one ask for on a hot summer day?!

Tropical Iced Tea


Thandaai Mousse!

My twisted take on everyone’s favourite! ☺️

Thandaai Mousse!


Dahi Wadas on a Skewer!

I gave our good, old Dahi Wadas a bit of swagger! 😉😉 check these babies out..!

Dahi Wadas on a Skewer!


Minty Pomegranate Mock Mojitos! 

So…it’s getting hotter here in Mumbai for the last couple of days..and my lemony, minty, zingy pomegranate mock Mojitos are perfect to beat the heat! They are super easy to make and total party pleasers!!

Minty Pomegranate Mock Mojito

I hope you guys will enjoy each of these soon… These are too good to let go!


Shreya ❤️

No Churn Orange Ice Cream!

Its sweltering hot out here in Mumbai … Well, what else did I expect? 🔥☀️ I haven’t stepped out of my house during the day in the last few days… The thought itself makes me melt… 😰

I just want to sit in my room, with the blinds all drawn and something cool to sip/ eat..whatever! A couple of weeks ago when the temperatures had began soaring I cooled myself off with my Minty Pomegranate Mock Mojitos 🍹😋 They were so refreshing!

Well, I did need something to cool myself & Mr. P.P. off again..but something a bit more filling 😛 Didn’t want to do a drink yet again. So thought of Icccccccceeeee Creeeeammmm!!! LoL! 🍦🍦okay! So who doesn’t perk up at the thought of a bowlful of rich, creamy, cooling ice cream?! I simply go weak in my knees with one look at an ice cream 😀Infact, I love my sittings with the dentist precisely for this reason! I get ice cream…prescribed by a doctor! 😝😜now who wouldn’t love that..!


And yes! I don’t make my ice creams the fussy way…no churn! Yes! My recipe is super duper , easy peasy kinds…prep the ingredients in just under 15 mins, drop everything to set in an aluminium or stainless steel / plastic container & stash it in the freezer for about 5-7 hours! That’s it. What remains now is ‘eating’ the ice cream…yes! It’s that easy. Even a child can do that without any fuss. Not to forget, it’s eggless! 😇😁

And as for the flavour, I have chosen something just as bright as the summer sun! Oranges & lemons… They spell summer with their bright colours and such fresh, citrusy flavours 🍋🍊 along with a hint of vanilla beans added for that earthy, heart warming aroma… I am sure you are salivating! 😛 I had made this ice cream last year too, for the first time. And I absolutely fell in love with the taste..its tangy, slightly bitter and of course deliciously creamy!

Anyways, enough yappity-yap for now, I want to go have my ice cream so I’ll just get on with the recipe 😬

Yield: serves 3-4

Equipment: electric whipper, a large whipping bowl, a spatula, measuring cups / spoons, grater. Juicer (if using fresh orange juice), a knife


200 ml Amul whipping cream

1cup Orange juice (canned or fresh) 250 ml approx

1 tsp lemon juice

1/2 tbsp orange rind (grate the orange skin slightly for this)

1 vanilla bean pod

1 cup superfine sugar (pwd sugar if you have got that)


Keep the cream, whipper blade attachment, whipping bowl in the refrigerator for 30 mins prior to actually prepping the ice cream base.

Once that’s done, add all the ingredients in the whipping bowl (scrape the vanilla beans out of the pod and add that).

Using the whipper on high / turbo setting, whip for 7- 10 mins or until you achieve soft peaks. Turn off the whipper. And pour everything into the container you are using to set the ice cream and cover it before putting it into the freezer for 5-7 hrs. That’s it! Serve once set..! 🍦😛


I am am off for my second bowl…what are you waiting for?! Go, make this right away! 😁


Shreya ❤️

Adapted from Nigella Lawson

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