Summers are going to be relentless… And they are just beginning! I need to have something very cool and light…something other than ice creams!  Although, I enjoyed my No Churn Orange Ice Cream to no end, I wanted something lighter and more refreshing this time around.
Something which I hadn’t tried making at home yet but absolutely loved! 👌 😊 Sorbets! 💞


I adore Sorbets! They are so incredibly fresh and flavourful without being too loaded with calories😛

For those who haven’t yet tried it so far or heard much about it, Sorbet is a frozen dessert made with mildly sweet water flavoured with puréed fruits or liqueurs…whatever one prefers😬

Its different from an ice cream where air is whipped into the cream base and then frozen, Sorbet is frozen to become ice-like but has a very smooth, pulpy texture.


I had first tasted a Sorbet ages ago at a Gelato outlet here in Mumbai and fell in love with the texture and the fruity flavours! It was Kiwi & Melons 🍉🍉So tropical, right?! Perfect for a hot, sunny day 🍧 🍧☀️..neither icy nor juicy..somewhere in between…a delight for a ice lolly lover like myself 😋😋

And it’s really a boon to know that it’s super easy to make these…so here comes the recipe.

Yield: 2-3 servings

Equipment: a medium sized stainless steel /aluminium bowl, a bender, a saucepan, a spatula, fruit knife, a fork.


4 nos. green kiwis peeled and chopped

5 tbsp sugar (add more or less as per personal preference)

1/2 cup water

14-15 nos. mint leaves washed and roughly chopped

1/2 tbsp lemon juice


Place the stainless steel or aluminium bowl in d freezer to cool at least 1 hr before you begin prepping. After an hr, proceed with making the sugar syrup by heating the water and sugar in the saucepan over low heat while stirring it constantly. Once the sugar has melted and dissolved completely, turn off the stove. The sugar syrup is a basic syrup with no-thread consistency. Put the syrup in the refrigerator to cool for 10-15 mins.

In the meanwhile, blend the chopped kiwis, mint leaves & lemon juice until smooth without any bits of fruit in it. Add the sugar syrup to the blender and blend once more. Now transfer this mixture into the cold stainless steel /aluminium bowl and freeze it for 2 hrs. Now, remove the bowl and using a fork, mix the mixture once. You will notice that there will be ice crystal formation which is normal, it should be that way. Repeat this step again after 2 hrs. And freeze again for another hour or so. Even overnight freezing is perfectly fine.

Now the Sorbet is ready. To serve, place the bowl containing the ready Sorbet at room temperature for 15 mins, it will loosen slightly and become pulpy, using spoon or a ice cream scoop, fill the serving bowls / glasses and garnish with mint leaves! Tada!! 😊 there you have a very fancy, shmancy dessert ready! With minimal efforts!😜


Until we meet the next time….


Shreya ❤️

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