Anjeer /Figs….I adore them in any form..fresh or dried…cooked or just as they come! ☺️ so making a Anjeer Burfi post was just a matter of time!! Sweet and slightly fudgy…they’ll leave you wanting more 👌 

And what’s more is that figs /anjeer are so healthy…I hardly added any sugar to make these beauties. Being a super-food, it’s full of vitamins, magnesium, potassium , calcium…iron to name a few of its infinite benefits 😊 diabetic friendly too…and cures issues such and indigestion, etc. (Note: pls consult your doctor before including these in your diet if you are suffering from an ailment which expects you to follow a strict diet)


I make these during Sravan /Sawan/ Navratri fasting /vrat /upwas every year. They are delicious and disappear really quickly too 😁…and they can easily make an appearance on any other day Diwali or raksha-bandhan. They were ready in about 45 mins!! Perfect for when you have guests around and want to serve something traditional and easy!

This recipe is a mix of inputs from my mom and some tips from the internet.

Just 5 ingredients is all you need for these burfis..lets see how.

️Yield: 9 burfis

Equipment: a non stick pan, a spatula, a knife, a plate /tray, measuring cups/ spoons, a blender, a grater.


1/2 cup grated mawa /khoya / milk solids (if you are using frozen, then thaw it for 30 mins before you start)

1/2 cup dried anjeer /figs (approx 8-9 pieces of dried figs)

1 tbsp sugar

1 tsp ghee

1 tbsp almond slivers

1 tbsp pistachio slivers (optional ingredient for garnishing)


Take a small bowl with some hot water and soak the dried anjeer /figs in it for 10 mins. After 10 mins, they’ll be soft. Discard the water, pat dry the figs/ anjeer and use the blender to grind them coarsely. Set it aside. Grate the mawa/ khoya/ milk solids and set aside. Grease a tray /plate with some ghee and keep it ready to set the burfi.


Now, heat a nonstick pan, add the ground anjeer /figs and the sugar. Add 1 tsp of water and cook on medium flame for 3-4 mins. Next you have to add the grated khoya / mawa / milk solids, slivered almonds and ghee. Give it a good mix and keep cooking for 5-7 mins on low flame.

Once this mixture leaves the sides of the pan and makes a smooth ball on its own, turn off the flame. Put this mixture on the greased tray/ plate and flatten it out a bit. Try to shape it as a square so that you get square burfis when you cut them out. You can garnish with some pistachio slivers and press them down a bit.

Refrigerate this tray/ plate with the mixture for 20 min or so and then you can cut it into burfis and serve. 😀 that simple!


Go impress your loved ones…😇



Adapted from Tarla Dalal 

Also, you can have a look at a similar recipe on Indian Khana

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