I am game for a pizza at any hour of the day! Sounds familiar….obviously! Most of us are…I can’t imagine someone who isn’t, literally. The gooey cheese oozing with every bite is just too tempting to deny. Calories.??😱😱 Well, give it a rest…indulge your tastebuds…and they don’t matter much when pizza can fit in a cup! 😉😉Portion control! 

Tortilla pizza cups by PolkaPuffs

Remember my Pizza Pinwheels…they were super hit! I mean…I have made them so often. They make for a great finger food just like the Bread Pizza I’d shared.

Tortilla pizza cups by PolkaPuffs

Coming to these Cups, well they are made using readymade Tortillas (someday, I will share how to make Tortillas at home😀) and can be put together in a jiffy. One can add veg or non-veg filling or just keep it simple with some cheese & pizza sauce (kid friendly). In fact, involve your kids…they’ll be so excited.

I will let you in on a quick tip here, these are perfect for portion control as I have said above too and if you do not have Tortillas then simply use Parathas and follow my recipe! They will taste just as good!

2 numbers tortilla sheets
1/2 cup grated mozzarella cheese
1/2 cup chopped bell pepper (red, yellow & green)
1/4 cup sweet corn
1/2 cup pizza sauce (I used homemade)
to taste Salt & Pepper
Oil to grease the muffin pan

Preheat the oven @180’c. Grease the muffin pan. Set that aside
Cut circles from the tortilla sheets using a round cookie cutter or any object with a sharp edge. You will get 4 rounds from 1 sheet.
Place the cut rounds in the muffin tray and apply the pizza sauce.

Tortilla pizza cups by PolkaPuffs Tortilla pizza cups by PolkaPuffs
Add the veggies and cheese next, season with salt & pepper.
Bake them @180’c for 7-8 mins or until the cheese melts and the tortilla cups turn a bit crisp from the edges.
Serve them hot with some ketchup.
Don’t they look so tempting!?
Tortilla pizza cups by PolkaPuffs


Idea taken from Pinterest.

16 comments on “Tortilla Pizza Cups”

  1. I was wondering why Shreya is not posting any recipes,then I find out polkapuffs’s email notification was off.Sorry I missed all your hot recipes. This one is killer recipe!

  2. Hello Shreya,
    I wanted to ask if we can bake this in silicon cupcake/muffin molds? Secondly how early can this be prepared to be served as appetizer for dinner?

    • Hi Aishwarya! Thanks for stopping by😊
      Coming to your query, these can be made I silicon cups too but place them properly so that they don’t loose the shape, I have always made them in a tin cupcake tray hence get a perfect shape.
      You must serve these straight from the oven or within 10 mins to enjoy the crunch and they taste great when warm:)
      Hope this helps!

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