There’s a bit of a heat in the air around here…and I just need an excuse to make a cooling, non-alcoholic drink! Besides, I am all cured of my bad bout of viral and throat infection (season’s best greetings πŸ˜‚) and all ready to go back to my love for chilled things!Β 

I can live on chilled drinks and Popsicles and literally do every summer! I am thinking my Fizzy Orange Popsicles needs to be revisited soonπŸ€—

Anyways, coming to the ‘drink of the day’ which was actually made yesterday, it just so happened that I some sweet limes sitting in my fruit basket…they were ridiculously sour! I mean it was more of a large lemon in all fairness. Neither of us would have it for obvious reasons…and I never add sugar to fresh fruit juices so that option goes right out of the window! What next…turn it into a drink of sorts…yes! That I love…so I thought of using some sweetened soda with the citrusy ‘sour’ sweet limes. Spiced……well that’s just a hint of Indian (ness) that goes into the drink! (Check the recipe below and the options for the spice that goes into it)

Spiced Citrus Spritzer - perfect non-alcoholic thirst quencher by Polkapuffs.

The result…it was love at first sip! We are going to make it more often. The reason being that despite the sourness of the sweet limes, they have different flavour from our regular lemons. Hence, I will suggest you use sweet limes and not lemons.

Let’s mix some drinks…;)

Yield: serves 2

Equipments: measuring cups/ spoons, juicer.


1 cup freshly squeezed sweet lime juice

1 cup chilled sweetened soda (I used Mountain Dew as it compliments the colours, you can use any)

3/4 tsp jaljeera powder**

ice cubes as needed

mint leaves as needed to garnish


Mix soda, fresh juice with jaljeera pwd.

Place ice cubes as needed in each glass and pour the drink over it. Garnish with a sprig of mint and serve chilled!

** If you don’t have jaljeera powder (it’s easily available in most Indian grocery stores. In case you don’t find any, replace it with the following – mix together 1/4 tsp each of roasted cumin pwd, table salt, black pepper pwd & Himalayan Pink salt (kala namak). Add this to the juice & soda, mix! That’s it.

Spiced Citrus Spritzer - perfect non-alcoholic thirst quencher by Polkapuffs.

Doesn’t that look perfect! Inspired by a Masala Soda and yet so much more fruity!




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