I enjoy my potatoes…any version and I am game. Be it spicy or mild..they all taste so good. And as a rule, I always keep some potatoes handy…either boiled and refrigerated or made into a spicy filling for Aloo ke Parathe 😁

So about today’s recipe, Dahi wale Aloo or Dahi Aloo happens to be very popular in North India and is usually made during poojas, festive fasting (vrat) or when we want to serve a light Satvik (no onion-no garlic) meal. One can pair this with Masala Puri or Laccha Paratha or even some plain rice.

Dahi ke aloo recipe How to make Dahi aloo recipe Polkapuffs recipes

It tastes absolutely yum and no one can really guess that it has almost no spices apart of the kitchen basics.

Please note that every family follows different rules for fasting (vrat). I have learnt this recipe from my Mom. If you are making it for a fast, use sendha namak.

You can also try my Phalhari ka Kadhai Paneer (Satvik).

**We consume turmeric powder and jeera (cumin) seeds while we fast. Please refrain from adding these ingredients if you do not use them in your family.

Yield: serves 2

Equipments: a heavy bottom pan, measuring cups/ spoons.


3 nos. peeled and cubed potatoes (you can boiled too)

1 nos slit green chilli

1/2 tsp jeera dana

3/4 tsp red chilli pwd **

1/2 tsp turmeric pwd **

2 tbsp oil/ ghee (we use mustard oil)

3/4 cup yogurt

water as needed

salt to taste (or sendha namak)

chopped coriander leaves to garnish


Heat oil in the pan, then add jeera dana and slit green chilli. Let them splatter for a minute.

Next add the cubed potatoes and season with salt, turmeric & red chilli pwd. Add some water and cover the pan with a lid. Cook for 10-12 mins or until the potatoes are soft (cook for just 5 mins if using boiled potatoes).

In the meanwhile, whisk curd with about 1 cup of water. Add this mixture to the cooked potatoes. Keep the flame at the lowest at this point and keep stirring continuously until the yogurt comes to a boil. Cook for 5-7 mins and turn off the flame. Garnish with chopped coriander and serve it piping hot.

Dahi ke aloo recipe How to make Dahi aloo recipe Polkapuffs recipes

This happens to be one of my favourite potato curries after Rasse wale Aloo. Do try them both if your looking for a quick meal!



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