If you ask me what season do we usually get guavas (amrud/ peru)…I’d be a little lost. I am not sure! Probably that’s a perk of growing up in a city like Mumbai…my home. I have eaten different fruits and vegetables be it any season… I make methi ke Parathe all year around..not just in winters! I enjoy how easy it is to get organic ingredients in every nook and corner of my city! I have learnt to appreciate this more ever since I started cooking ๐Ÿ˜‚

Coming to guavas…I received these yummy Guava Chilli drinks from PaperBoat in a pretty package and they taste so good…surprisingly.. I’d never tasted this variant as I love their Aamras and stick to that or the JalJeera!! PaperBoat has really captured the flavours of India…the most loved versions of every drink in most houses is created by PaperBoat.

PaperBoat - drinks and memories

The flavours of PaperBoat’s Gauva Chilli are so authentic…that hint of heat from the chilli….between sips of sweet, almost creamy guava nectar….it was just like biting into a salt and chilli smeared slice of guava, that I was almost transported to time gone by…my school days. I guess everyone can relate with me when I say there’d be a ‘amrudwala bhaiya’ (guava vendor) and another couple of guys who’d sell ‘khatti imli (tamarind), slices of ‘kairi’ (raw mango) and ‘borr’ small red berries somewhere out of our school premises and they’d be there with their wares just as you’d be walking back home. I am salivating as I think of those days…they’d be summers…see..there you go! I just remembered that I’d enjoy guavas in summers! ๐Ÿ˜€… So these vendors, they’d display everything on a small table and keep calling out to kids to come taste these goodies and eventually, every kid did end up on one these stalls and chose what he or she liked the best! I had my favourites too…the kairi and the amrud! I liked them best…a bit of spice with the juicy sweetness in the guavas kept me wanting them more!

PaperBoat - drinks and memories

Although all our parents would disapprove of having these little treats but who’d listen…my Mom would say that these things weren’t washed and they weren’t fresh just to me believe that they were unhealthy…and she’d tempt me by slicing guavas and sprinkling them with chilli and salt at home too and I’d be tempted alright!! They tasted just like the ones from the vendor. Even better but I don’t remember ever confessing that to her ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰…

PaperBoat - drinks and memories

Anyways…a sip of the drink reminded me of all that…how apt is their tag line, drinks and memories!
I used this flavour to make some Granita…
Here’s how I made it…
Empty the contents of one packet in a aluminium tray. Freeze it for about 2 hours and then simply scrape the frozen juice with a fork.
Repeat these steps every two hours at least 2-3 times. That’s it, once ready..serve them. They are so delicious and healthy too!

PaperBoat Gauva Chilli - granita recipe by polkapuffs

Thank you PaperBoat!



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