Weekends are for slow starts… we truly believe that! Nothing makes me rush through my weekends…I simply choose not to get fussed and bothered about much. I pretty much hit the snooze button on Fridays…say around noon 😜 and try to finish all my commitments before Friday..😜 Trust me, no one can even catch me on the cell! Besides, it’s just the two of us….the boons of being a couple with no kids ….no responsibilities! I mean, we love kids…but I guess this works for us better👌🏼

Karare Aloo recipe UP style Aloo ki bhujia recipe Sindhi kadhi recipe Polkapuffs recipes Shreya Tiwari recipes

So when I decide to cook on a weekend…that’s if I do plan on cooking on weekends..I look for comfort food apart from being quick and absolutely fuss-free. Yes, I am not a kitchen person when I am on the snooze-mode. More of a couch potato…..who literally loves her potatoes 😍 Hence, I will share a very delicious recipe from my Mom’s kitchen of Aloo ki Bhujia or as my hubby chooses to call it, Karare Aloo 👌 (No onion no garlic). Such basic ingredients with absolutely stunning flavours. I can practically live on this! This recipe is typically a U.P. Style of preparation…but one can find variants of the same being made across India.

Karare Aloo recipe UP style Aloo ki bhujia recipe Sindhi kadhi recipe Polkapuffs recipes Shreya Tiwari recipes

Sindhi Kadhi….again a personal favourite since childhood, I can have it by the gallon! Give me some steamed rice …a bit of my Mom’s Karare Aloo along with a few ladlefuls of her lip smacking, tangy Sindhi Kadhi…and I’ll probably love you forever! 😂…yeah…my love sounds cheap…but it’s really difficult to make a teeny space in my heart…..so it’s not a bad deal actually!

Karare Aloo recipe UP style Aloo ki bhujia recipe Sindhi kadhi recipe Polkapuffs recipes Shreya Tiwari recipes

Look how luscious this kadhi looks….a roasted chickpea flour base is given lots of flavour using tamarind pulp, some whole seeds and dried red chillies add to the punch…..the best part it again had no garlic ….onion, yes, but that is a must for the sweet aRoma that it gives to the kadhi (curry).

A side of some home style onion and tomato salad with lots of lemon juice and a dash of salt along with a glass full of chilled Masala Chaas (not in the pictures above…as I’d already chugged that down while I shot for this post 😉) completes this meal!

Let’s start with the Karare Aloo…

Yield : serves 2

Equipments: a heavy bottom wok, measuring cups/ spoons, a spatula.


3 nos. large potatoes (peeled, washed and cubed)

4 tbsp mustard oil (this tastes best in mustard but feel free to use any oil of your choice)

a pinch of hing (asafoetida)

1/2 tsp paanch phoran (mixed seeds) 

salt to taste

1/2 tsp turmeric pwd

1 tsp each of red chilli pwd, coriander powder, cumin pwd

1/2 tsp amchoor pwd (dry mango pwd)


Heat mustard oil until it starts smoking** in a heavy bottomed wok. Turn off the flame. Let the smoke subside. Turn on the flame again. Add hing and the paanch phoran. Let these crackle a bit. Add the cubed potatoes. Stir them around in the oil. Add salt and turmeric. Sauté for 5 mins.

Add all the other dry spices except amchoor powder. Mix well and let the potatoes cook on low flame. Stir them about occasionally. Let them gently crisp up.

I try not to cover the wok when I am making dry version of any veggies. So here too, I haven’t covered the wok with the lid. The potatoes took about 20 mins to cook out completely. They took another 10-12 minutes of cook time to crisp up on low flame and look like what they do! Add the amchoor powder in the end once the potatoes have crisped up.

You can add Garam Masala too in the end along with the amchoor powder but I avoid that in the summers.

**(Use any other oil in the usual way you heat it for everyday use, only mustard oil needs to be heated really well).

These potatoes are best enjoyed piping hot…from the wok to the plate kind of thing…☺☺

On to the Sindhi Kadhi….just the way my Mom makes it.. disclaimer….it may not be authentic but this is how we have been eating it all these years..if any one out there knows a different or a more authentic version, do let us know and we’d  love to try it out too☺️ and probably even publish the same with recipe credits on PolkaPuffs!

Yield: serves 2-3

Equipments: a wok, measuring cups/ spoons, a lid, a ladle.


1/2 cup chick pea flour (Besan)

water as needed

3 tbsp refined oil

1/2 cup sliced, fried onion

1/2 cup sliced, fried potatoes

1/4 cup sliced, fried okra (bhindi)

salt to taste

1/2 tsp red chilli pwd

4 tbsp fresh tamarind pulp

1/2 tsp turmeric powder

1/4 tsp each methi seeds (fenugreek seeds) and jeera seeds (cumins seeds)

a sprig of curry leaves

a pinch of hing (asafoetida)

2-3 nos. whole dry chillies ( I used ber mirch, the fat, round ones)


Heat oil in the wok, once it’s hot, add the hing, cumin seeds, fenugreek seeds, whole red chillies and the curry leaves. Once these begin to crackle, add the Besan (chick pea flour) and keep stirring it continuously on low as it may stick at the bottom and burn.

This needs to be roasted with the oil and the other ingredients for a good 6-8 minutes or until the Besan changes it’s colour and gives out an earthy aroma.

Karare Aloo recipe UP style Aloo ki bhujia recipe Sindhi kadhi recipe Polkapuffs recipes Shreya Tiwari recipes

But be careful to keep this on low flame and stir it constantly. Once it has been roasted, add water as per the consistency you’d like to have for this while serving with rice. I added about 1+3/4 cup as this kadhi thickens a lot as it cooks out. Also, season with salt, red chilli pwd and turmeric powder. Mix well. Cover with a lid and let it come to a boil, that will take about 6-7 mins on medium flame.

Open the lid, add the fried veggies and also the tamarind pulp. Add more water if the kadhi has reduced a lot (I added another 1/4 cup at this stage). Cover once again with the lid and let it cook for a further 10 minutes on low flame.

This is what it looks like once ready. Rich colour and an amazing aroma…mmmm…yum!


That’s it, turn off the flame and serve it piping hot!

Karare Aloo recipe UP style Aloo ki bhujia recipe Sindhi kadhi recipe Polkapuffs recipes Shreya Tiwari recipes

Meals like these are so so good! Go ahead…do try this out and let us know how you liked it☺



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