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are not difficult to make but many of my readers have asked me to share tips on how to bake […]

are not difficult to make but many of my readers have asked me to share tips on how to bake these cookies to perfection, basically tips and tricks ensure that the cookies do not spread as they bake. In my last 3-4 years experience of baking cookies, I’ve perfected a few important, yet easy tricks that I follow to ensure that the cookies never spread as a rule!

Butter – use a good quality unsalted butter. Do not whip the butter and sugar more than necessary and incorporate unnecessary air into it. We do not want the cookies to rise. Hence, just mix the butter and sugar just enough until they have incorporated with each other.
Sugar – In my learnings, trial and errors, I’ve come to the conclusion that using icing sugar in most recipes that clearly call for powdered sugar works better than regular powdered sugar or superfine casting sugar. The reason is that the superfine sugar melts quickly and that cause the cookies to spread. Thus, I use icing sugar in most recipes.
Baking sheet – Never butter the baking sheet. Line it with greaseproof parchment paper or even silicon sheet. This ensures that the minimum grease because grease causes the cookies to spread quickly.
Chill – Anything that contains butter and stays at room temperature is going to melt and spread around when in contact of heat. It’s always advisable to chill the cookie dough (like bourbon biscuits) or the log (in case of slice and bake cookies) thoroughly before baking. The longer you can chill, the better! Even if they are cut out cookies like sugar cookies, please chill them for 3-4 hours after cutting them out and before baking them.
Temperature – Preheat the oven at a good, high temperature because that high temperature ensures that the cookies sets in the first 5 minutes of the baking time and spreads less while baking. The reason is that, when the oven is set at a lower temperature to preheat and bake, this low temperature gives the butter in the cookies a longer time to melt and spread in the oven.
Measuring the ingredients – This is very crucial. Ingredients must be measured correctly for the best results. One can’t blame a recipe if the ingredients aren’t measured correctly. I use a weighing scale when necessary or standard measuring cups when the recipe specifies ingredients in cups. Keep a set of measuring spoons handy for ingredients like baking powder, soda, etc. which can actually make or break any recipe!