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Chipotle Copycat Burrito Bowls | Vegan & GF

Chipotle Copycat Burrito Bowls | Vegan & GF are a one pot dinner with deliciously seasoned veggies and beans along with herb loaded tangy rice, crunchy lettuce and salsas and a deliciously creamy guac to complete the bowl. The various textures give these bowls a distinct flavor! ... Read More

Fridge Pickled Jalapeno Peppers

Extra topping on my pizza means pickled jalapenos among many other things, lol!! And these Fridge Pickled Jalapeno Peppers are for the spice lovers like me out there! I mean making these is a breeze and ridiculously easy. I always have a jarful sitting in my refrigerator. They taste good on ... Read More

Cheesy Vegetarian Quesadilla

I am always up for Tex-Mex! Are you?! 😁 I had shared Cheesy Veg Tacos last year….just like the ones we enjoy at Taco Bell. My hubby loves them…just as much as he loves these veg quesadillas which taste better than the ones you get at your favourite Tax-Mex joint 😉 

< ... Read More

Tortilla Pizza Cups

I am game for a pizza at any hour of the day! Sounds familiar….obviously! Most of us are…I can’t imagine someone who isn’t, literally. The gooey cheese oozing with every bite is just too tempting to deny. Calories.??😱😱 Well, give it a rest…indulge your tast ... Read More

Crunchy Veg Tacos 💓

Let’s go Tex-Mex today! It’s simply delicious…fresh..and irresistible! 😁 Crunchy Tacos have to top my list when I’m at Taco Bell or Chiles. Vegetarian or Non – Vegetarian, they are all so good! 

I have made them at home a few times earlier. ... Read More

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