Summers for me, call for a cooling and refreshing drink! Something healthy and easy to do 😋 like my Minty Pomegranate Mock Mojitos 👌🍹 they were super hit! 

Today I bring to you another of my homemade, easy and delicious drink that will leave you feeling refreshed! 😁 It’s my Tropical Iced Tea! 


As the name suggests, it obviously has a strong flavour of tea…but what brings a twist to these beauties are the sunny tropical notes☀️☀️🍍🍎 it’s sweet and tangy! Chilled and loaded with ice cubes! What more could one ask for on a hot summer day?! 🍹


I have used fruit juices to give it the tropical twist for my recipe, one can easily add or subtract any flavour as per their choice. But do give it a try using the ingredients I’ve used today …it’s delicious and different 😊


Here comes the recipe!

Yield: 6 servings

Equipment: a large heat proof bowl, a stirrer, a knife, measuring spoons.


6 cups hot water

6 nos. tea bags (I used Taj Mahal tea bags)

Sugar to taste

1/2 a glass each of pineapple juice, Apple juice, tender coconut water ( I used canned juices and fresh coconut water)

Lemon slices and fresh mint leaves to garnish

Ice cubes as required


In a large heat proof bowl, add the tea bags and pour the hot water over them. Let this bowl rest for about 60- 90 mins at room temperature and then place the bowl in the refrigerator for another hour to chill and the flavour of the tea to steep perfectly. You could keep the bowl in the refrigerator even longer if you wish to make it much in advance.

Next, once the flavour of tea has steeped well, fish out the tea bags & add sugar to taste ( remember that the fruit juices and coconut water are sweet, so adjust the sugar accordingly). Add the fruit juices and the tender coconut water, stir well. Add the lemon slices and some fresh mint leaves.

To serve, in a glass, add 5-6 ice cubes, more if you like, and pour the flavoured tea over it. That’s it!!! Sit back, relax and enjoy your Tropical Iced Tea! 😉 summers couldn’t get any better!!




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