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Bolinhas | Bolinhos de Coco

Bolinhas | Bolinhos de Coco is a popular Goan tea-time cookie. They are deliciously flavored with cardamom, made with traditional ingredients like coconuts and semolina. These cookies are often baked at home and also found across Goa, in bakeries and cafés. 

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Vegan Hot Cross Buns | Vegan Easter Hot Cross Buns

A Hot Cross Bun is traditionally eaten on Good Friday in many parts of the world. Vegan Hot Cross Buns | Vegan Easter Hot Cross Buns are mildly spiced, slightly sweet and studded with dry fruits with a cross on the top. These buns mark the end of Lent, a traditional time for fasting ... Read More

Eggless Tutti Frutti Cake

 Today I’m sharing the recipe for Eggless Tutti Frutti Cake. I prefer tea cakes over frosted cakes, however, that wasn’t always the same….as a teenager or for that matter even in my early twenties…I had a great love for all things Chocolate. This included a major drool s ... Read More

Wholewheat and Oat Sandwich Cookies – eggless

So….the oven has gotten enough time to cool down I guess😉 It’s been sitting idle since my spiced Orange and Cranberry Cake ….and that was one really good cake. Besides, my hubby had been asking me for something to nibble at with his e ... Read More

Cinnamon Cupcakes with Nutella Frosting

Mini Vanilla Cakes with Lemon Drizzle

This makes for the perfect tea cake. A light zesty, lemony drizzle adds a delicious zing to my Mini Vanilla Cakes! Invite your friends over for a cup of tea & serve these beauties….they’ll make you proud! 😊  

These also happen to me my hubby’ ... Read More

Cheese Crusted Garlic Bread

Soft, buttery, oozing with cheese and herbs …oh so garlicky! Garlic Bread 🍞 it’s the perfect accompaniment to my soups, salads, pastas….almost everything!! I can never refuse a warm slice of Garlic Bread… Can you? 😛

I really don’t remembe ... Read More

Multi – Seed Whole Wheat Crackers with a Spicy Dip.

Crackers & Cheese…I love them! They are so crispy, crunchy and go really well a variety of sides…😁 perfect for parties or just some lazy munching. And I am a fan of munching..especially while I am parked  on my couch, watching television 😉 and so does Mr. PP 😍 ... Read More
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