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Mix Vegetable Tehri | Veg Tahiri Recipe

Mix Vegetable Tehri | Veg Tahiri Recipe

We love one-pot meals and come winters, we crave our typical Uttar Pradesh style Mix Vegetable Tehri | Veg Tahiri Recipe!! It is loaded with some of the freshest winter produce, delicately flavored with warm spices and the most fragrant basmati rice. One can simply not resist this a ... Read More

How to make Pickled Red Onions | Sirke Wale Pyaaz

Today we will learn How to make Pickled Red Onions | Sirke Wale Pyaaz in few simple steps. These onions are a great accompaniment to any meal, whether Indian or Continental or Pan-Asian. They are tangy, mildly spiced and taste absolutely delicious. 🙂 Read More

Restaurant Style Paneer Tikka | Stove Top Method

Restaurant Style Paneer Tikka is a popular Indian dish made from cubes of paneer marinated in yogurt and spices and then chargrilled in a tandoor.

Restaurant Style Paneer Tikka | Stove Top Method is my go to starter when I’m hosting guests ... Read More

Mango Kulfi | How to make Kulhad Kulfi

An Indian dessert that is loved by everyone and I guess there is rarely anyone who’d say no to Kulfi! This luciously creamy, deliciously sweet and chilled dessert is perfect for summers and compliments any Indian meal when looking for that perfect end to your meal 😍👌 ... Read More

Awadhi Dal | Lucknowi Dal

Awadhi cuisine belongs to the royal city of Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh. The cuisine boasts of rich flavours, use of milk, cream, yogurt and the delicious aroma which comes from the use of saffron, cardamom and other whole spices in most preparations. 

Awadhi cuisine (Mughlai c ... Read More

Dhabewala Palak Paneer aur Ajwaini Missi Roti

I can‘t resist buying bright, grassy green spinach whenever I go veggie shopping 👌😊 I adore the earthy aroma! And more often than not, I end up making my Dhabewala Palak Paneer (cubes of cottage cheese cooked in a mildly spice spinach gravy) and I like serving it with some ... Read More

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